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If you’re one of those people who keeps saying something like ‘How could God allow this to happen?’ and ‘If God is real, why is this world so messed up?’ – you just have to play WorldBox to see that God’s job is actually not so simple! Here you get to create your own world, populate it with all sorts of creatures, and then watch them go about their daily lives. It’s like The Sims, but on a grander scale!

Your world, your laws!

And things can get pretty crazy in WorldBox! You can create all sorts of creatures, from humans and elves to dragons and zombies. And once they’re all living together in the same world, anything can happen! You can watch as wars break out between different factions, or as giant monsters stomp through the countryside, wreaking havoc on everything in their path. And if things get too out of hand, you can always intervene and smite your enemies with lightning bolts! Will you manage to be the kind of God people (and other creatures) hope for? Let’s see!

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