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Welcome to The Sims, but on your mobile device! This is just like the regular game, only conveniently packed into your pocket. You create your own Sim, give them a unique personality and appearance, and then guide them through life. You’ve got to help them make friends, find a job, and maybe even start a family!

Play The Sims on your smartphone or tablet!

But it’s not just about your own Sim. You can also interact with other players’ Sims, by attending parties, going on dates, and even getting married! And with new events and challenges added all the time, there’s always something to keep you busy.

And what really sets The Sims Mobile apart is the level of customization. You can choose everything from your Sim’s hair color and clothing to their career and hobbies. And with so many different and great options, every Sim you create is truly unique! Start right now and enjoy the wild scope of possibilities!

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