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Sometimes we all feel a little bit angry and violent. And at moments like these, it’s really good to have a healthy way to blow off that steam. People Playground is happy to offer you one!

Your own little evil outlet

This game is like a physics playground, with ragdolls, all sorts of crazy weapons and tools to experiment with. You can shoot your characters with a gun, electrocute them with a Tesla coil, or even blow them up with a rocket launcher!

And if that’s not enough for you, you can also mess around with the environment. You can spawn in objects like cars and buildings, and watch as they get destroyed by your wild experiments. You can set things on fire, flood the area with water, or even create a tornado to watch everything get swept away!

But what really makes People Playground special is the level of detail in the physics engine. Every ragdoll reacts differently to different weapons and environments, making each experiment a unique experience. So let’s get brutal and enjoy it!

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