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Giant Rush

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Is it easy to be a tiny little person in a big, big world? Maybe not, but only until you grow just as big! Giant Rush will set you out on a riveting racing adventure as you’re trying to make your way to the end of the level having gained as much size and mass as possible!

Become the most giant of giants!

As you can imagine, your way will be full of hurdles and difficulties. You’ll have to dodge obstacles and avoid traps, all while collecting bonuses that will allow you to maximize your size. The more of them you pick up the bigger you are going to become. And the bigger you become the easier it will be for you to get through all the hindrances the developers have placed in your route. You’ll be able to literally smash through walls like they’re nothing and simply step over some of them! However, you shouldn’t relax because the level of difficulty will keep growing as you progress. So start your race and see how far you can get playing Giant Rush online!

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