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Most of us live our lives without ever thinking where it’s taking us. We just kind of go along with the tide and then wham! – something happens and we wonder how so. Games like BitLife will give you a nice perspective on how our daily choices affect our future, even distant one. And will also maybe make you ponder on the very essence of human life a bit!

Be born anew and change your whole life!

Firstly, you start off as a little baby. You start playing as a helpless little infant, and it’s up to you to guide this tiny human through life’s ups and downs. You get to choose their name, gender, and even their country of birth. That’s right, you can be born in Timbuktu, and nobody will bat an eye.

As you grow older, you start making decisions that’ll shape your life. Do you want to study hard and become a brain surgeon, or do you want to party all day and be a pop star? That is, if you don’t become a drug-addict and overdose somewhere in a dark stinky alley. The choice is yours, and it’s totally up to you!

Your decisions can change everything!

But be warned, the game can be pretty ruthless. One minute you could be living your best life, and the next minute you could be hit by a bus. Yep, you could die in this game, just like in real life. But don’t worry, death isn’t the end. You can always start again as a new baby and try to live a better life this time!

And hey, it’s not all doom and gloom in BitLife. You can also find love, get married, and have children. You can even cheat on your husband and wife and get a lover – just don’t be surprised if you’re busted! You can make a career at a respected law firm, start your own business, adopt pets, buy a house in the suburbs, and go on vacations to different exotic countries. You can become a gangster and try to build the next mafia empire. Or you can become a cop and catch the bad guys. The world is your oyster, and you get to decide how you want to live your life.

So what are you waiting for? Launch BitLife and start living your craziest and wildest dreams! This game has everything for fascinating reimagining of what your life could be if you were a different person or made different choices. Just be prepared for the unexpected, because anything can happen in this game!

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