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BitLife Unblocked

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Another virtual life simulator is here, and if you’re checking out BitLife unblocked right now, just know that it’s not what you expect it to be! Here you won’t get to customize your hero down to the last detail. You won’t navigate your house making breakfast, watching TV and throwing a home-warming party. You won’t watch your character have their first kiss. Instead, you’ll have to make your way through life in a span of just a few text messages. And it’s going to be no less fascinating!

Let your new virtual life begin!

Right at the beginning, you have your character randomly generated and put in a certain family as an infant. Press the plus button in the middle of the screen – and you’ll grow one year older. That’s where a major decision usually pops up for you to make. You just see the description of a situation on the screen and you decide what to do and how to play it out. And there are also various minor situations as well, but you shouldn’t disregard them cause they might have a pretty serious cumulative effect in the future!

This stuff goes on until you grow old enough to go to school, then start dating, graduate, go to college, form your hobbies, political tastes and food preferences, choose a job, get married (or stay single, or have multiple partners)… And so on and so forth. The course of your virtual life in BitLife may take quite unexpected and insane turns – for instance, you may wind up being an underground painted also dealing drugs or the first person to fly on a distant space trip.

Live it right!

But how can you tell if your life’s going in the right direction? You see, your character has a bunch of different stats that affect how they interact with the world around them. And these stats can make or break your guy’s (or girl’s) life. For example, let’s say your hero has low intelligence. That’s gonna make it harder for them to get good grades in school, find a decent job, and make smart choices. But if your character has high intelligence, they’ll be able to breeze through school, land a killer job, and make all the right moves. So keep this subtle balance: stats affect your life, and your life affects your stats. It’s all up to you in this wild world of BitLife! Good luck!

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