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BitLife Dogs – DogLife

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Do you love dogs? Of course, you do! How can you stay indifferent to those adorable little fluffballs? And now you have a chance to actually come one in this amazing game!

All the perks and troubles of dog life!

This game is like BitLife, but for dogs! You get to create your own furry friend, choose their breed and personality, and then accompany them on their life journey as they grow up. You’ve got to find a home where your family will feed you, take you for walks to keep you healthy and happy.

But to make sure you’re loved and attended to, you’ll also have to establish warm and trusting relationships with your home members. That can be done with a good deal of interactions available in the game. You can immediately see how they affect your cuteness and happiness meters.

And if you don’t behave, well, you just might end up in the street. Which is kind of fun and exciting as well. So what’s it gonna be? Play BitLife Dogs – DogLife and make your own choice!

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