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BitLife Business Update

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Wanna discover all the perks and troubles of living a stinky rich life of a successful businessman? Now there is a whole new update in BitLife that will do the trick! Here you have an opportunity to try your hand at running your own business, making all the big investments, buying posh property and luxurious yachts – you know, everything befitting a new billionaire. So let’s go!

Invest your money right!

Business options are something that have been in BitLife from the very start. But if you want to get really prosperous, it makes sense to begin with a character who’s already rather rich and owns a sufficient capital for your first investments. Musician, actor, athlete or any other celebrity will do just fine. The first thing you need to decide setting off as a businessman is where to invest. There are various businesses on board, and you have to choose the one that suits your preferences and that you think can be profitable.

Evolve and optimize your business!

The list of available industries goes from your ordinary coffee shops and timber production to something as crazy and growing medical marijuana and making adult toys. But that’s only the beginning! You’ll also have to research the products you are about to launch, track the market trends and customer feedback, optimize and reevaluate your strategies… So yeah, don’t think it’s gonna be that easy! See if you have a chance at business right now with BitLife Business Update!

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