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Some games offer you riveting action. Others captivate you with an intriguing story. There are those that strike your eye with high-end graphics and those that have psychological depth in them. BitBuddy is none of those things. It’s just foolish and wacky. But that’s the whole charm of it!

One of the wackiest and goofiest games out there

Once you launch the game, you’ll be introduced to BitBuddy who is a weird frog-like green creature with big eyes and some crazy ideas on spending time together. In one mini-game, he will ask you to feed him some bananas and apples – and before you know it, he will overeat and die. Then he will engage you in an outrageously primitive fight with some kind of a pixel monster. And then you will see him rowing his boat against the setting sun. Kind of a strange sequence, but that’s what BitBuddy all is. So if you are up for this kind of goofing off, make friends with him and have your daily wtf dosage playing BitBuddy online!

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