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Among Us

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Have you ever wondered if you would make a good detective? Now you have a chance to find that out! Among Us will send you on a thrilling investigation the stakes at which are going to be the lives of your spaceship crew – and your own!

Catch the impostor and save the crew!

This game is like Clue, but in space. You play as a crew member on a spaceship, and your job is to complete all sorts of tasks and keep the ship running smoothly. But there’s a catch – an imposter among the crew, and they’re trying to sabotage everything!

It’s up to you and your fellow crew members to figure out who that bastard is and vote them off the ship. But be careful – the imposter is sneaky, and they’ll do everything they can to blend in and avoid suspicion.

However, the main thing Among Us is the social aspect. You’ve got to work together with your crewmates to find the killer, but at the same time, you’ve got to watch your back and make sure you’re not the one getting cast out into space. Good luck!

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