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Are you into life simulators? Do you love impersonating different characters and living out the craziest scenarios? Then there is no better game to try for you than BitLife! It doesn’t only pack a whole lot of life paths and fates, but it also has some pretty profound philosophical bottom! Intrigued? Then launch the game right now and find out more!

The unbearable lightness of being

Life is seriously complicated and mysterious. It’s like a giant puzzle with a million pieces, and we’re all just trying to figure out how to put it together. But here’s the thing, most of us just coast through life without even thinking about it. We just kind of go through the motions and hope for the best.

But what if you suppose that every little choice you make, every tiny decision, actually has a huge impact on your life? It’s true! Think about it, if you decide to skip school one day, that might not seem like a big deal at the time. But what if you end up missing out on a crucial lesson that could have helped you later in life? Or what if you get in trouble and end up with a criminal record that haunts you forever?

And it’s not just the big decisions that matter, either. Even the smallest choices can add up over time and shape your fate. Like, if you choose to eat junk food instead of something healthy, that might not seem like something to care about in the moment. But what if that habit leads to health problems down the road? Or if you choose to hang out with a certain group of friends, how can you tell that they won’t lead you down a path of destruction?

The point is, we could all benefit from thinking more about the consequences of our choices. Every decision we make, no matter how small, has the potential to impact our lives in a major way. And BitLife is one of the games out there that actually shows that to us!

Live a virtual life and shape your future!

The problem with all the life paradox is that we don’t really have a good and complete look at our lives that would give us an insight into the matter. But in BitLife, the whole span of the character’s life takes hardly several minutes. You can actually get an instant glimpse of what a human life can be depending on the decisions we make – and try to change things with the right ones.

Everything here matters. From your school performance and activities as a kid to your career and soulmate choice as an adult. And also some minor decisions that will keep popping up during the gameplay. They all accumulate into your future that can be either big and bright or dark and miserable. It’s up to you to make it one way or another!

So, the whole thing begins with you pressing the little sperm icon and thus conceiving a new life that’s going to eventually evolve into your character. All the parameters are random, and you’ll have no sway over where you’re born, your gender, name and appearance. But that’s what makes the game even more exciting cause this random effect kind of makes everything more realistic – not like you choose any of this stuff in real life either.

The rest of your virtual life is split into symbolic phases – baby and toddler age, early childhood, teen years, young adult period, mature adult period and senior age. Each of these phases has its own milestones marked by the decisions you’ll be making. And those are going to be the turning points of your whole life as this character. You can’t actually foresee the consequences of either choice – you will just have to go with your best judgement and pure gut. Anyway, watching the whole chain of cause and effect uncoil before your eyes is going to be fascinating no matter what you choose!

Try different things and build relationships!

Everything your character does has a certain impact on one of the vital levels – Happiness, Health, Looks and Smarts. For instance, if you choose to spend a lot of times reading books and studying, you can except your Smarts level to rocket. If you focus on visiting beauty salons and doing sports instead, you’ll progress a lot on the Looks scale. Although sports is good for the Health meter too, especially when combined with regular visits to the doctor. Your actions, interactions and any events resulting from them will all add up to your Happiness level.

Let’s now talk a bit about what those actions and interactions actually are. First of all, you’ve got an Activities button that lists all possible actions you can perform in the game. There are tons of them, and they will be activated at different periods of your virtual life based on the path you choose. From going to the cinema to playing the lottery and even committing a crime, you can find plenty of exciting things to keep your character busy with in BitLife.

And since we’re all social creatures, that guy or girl of yours can’t go through their life alone either. They will have to establish numerous relationships, be it with their family members of people they just met. That’s something you can trace in the Relationships section of the menu. Parents and siblings (if you are going to have any) will be the first to show up there. But as you move through your life, there will also be friends, romantic partners, children and even pets added there. Here you can track your progress with each person and also choose to interact with any of them. The options are abundant – you can have a heartfelt conversation, hang out together, have a fight, ask for money, anything. And just like everything else in the game, you can expect all of that to have a serious impact on your character’s future.

Make choices and deal with consequences!

Now as to the most interesting part – the game itself. BitLife is a text-based game, which means everything that happens to your character isn’t actually shown on the screen in real time – all the events of your virtual life unfold in the form of pop-up messages. Once you press the big plus in the center of the screen, your life will propel one year forward to another major even. In between, there will also be several minor events that can potentially change your future. You have to make your choice and see where it leads to. It shouldn’t even be something big to have a significant impact. Let’s say, a boy next door just invited you to the cafe. If you go out with him, you might end up marrying him. And if not, you will start dating someone else, with particularly different consequences.

It’s especially exciting that every time you restart BitLife, it’s a new game, with a new character, and you basically have no way of knowing how things could have played out differently. Well, just like in real life! The older your grow, the more serious decisions you will have to make. Should you apply for studying nuclear physics at the most prestigious university of the country pursuing your wild dream to become a scientist or is it better to save up a bit flipping burgers at McDonalds first? You’re in love with that girl, but is it really wise to get all settled and into family so early? Maybe you should focus on your career? But what if this girl leaves?

There are all sorts of choices you are going to make, and the paths they will unlock will open a whole range of various possibilities in front of you. It’s not always possible to avoid a failure in BitLife, but you can always try and mend things up. For instance, if you had a fight with your family, why not try and make peace? And if you lost your job and became homeless, you can at least have some fun with it. Say, start your own nihilistic religious cult.

The possibilities in BitLife are truly impressive, and every time you play the game, you’re going to embark on a totally new life journey, face new challenges and come up with new solutions. Once again, maybe it’ll help you to reevaluate your own life and make some wiser decisions in the future. But even if not, you’ll just have a great time! So check out BitLife right now – it’s fun, it’s addictive and it’s readily accessible online!

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